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2024-02-02 14:42
2024-02-02 14:42
Italy,PD35138 PD35138, Delivery
2024-02-02 11:30
Italy,42196 42196, Processing, Handed over to courier (driver)
2024-02-02 05:43
Italy,42196 42196, Processing, Arrival at delivery office
2024-01-31 20:28
Italy,ITMILR ITMILR, Processing, Departure from transit office of exchange
2024-01-31 20:27
Italy,ITMILR ITMILR, Customs clearance, Released by custom house
2024-01-22 23:43
Italy,ITMILR ITMILR, Retained by customs, Customs declaration missing/ inappropriate
2024-01-22 23:42
Italy,ITMILR ITMILR, Handed over to customs
2024-01-22 23:41
Italy,ITMILR ITMILR, Import of international mail
2024-01-19 01:35
Italy, Processing of international mail, Processing by designated postal operator
2024-01-11 15:27
Italy,MXP MXP, Processing of international mail, Received by the designated operator
2024-01-10 10:03
Italy,MXP MXP, Carrier processing, Transport leg completed
2024-01-10 09:07
Turkey,IST IST, Carrier processing, Uplifted
2024-01-05 15:32
Turkey,IST IST, Carrier processing, Mail arrived at carrier facility
2024-01-04 14:50
Armenia. Processing of international mail, Forwarded to the carrier.
Customs clearance, Released by custom house
2023-12-30 13:20
Armenia. Processing, Departed from origin facility. Acceptance, Simplified prefilled